PRES 2014

Conference Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction

Important note:

The final updated Programme for PRES 2014 is available HERE. This version of the programme supersedes the programme in the printed booklet. We also appreciate all chairpersons who are contributing to the success of PRES conference 2014.

The preliminary version of CET has been available from AIDIC: CLICK HERE. We appology that the printed CET is the preliminary version of the book. The online version will be updated on early september. 


Each PRES 2014 participant who has registered (and paid) is entitled to publish in Chemical Engineering Transactions (CET) only one manuscript provided it will be accepted by the peer reviewers.


We are pleased to announce that the 17th Conference on Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction – PRES 2014 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. You may download the flyer HERE.


This is a joint event with CHISA 2014. For information and assistance on conference organisation and attendance please inspect or you may contact:

For scientific matters and proceedings please contact the Conference Secretariat at

The template for developing the full texts to be published in Chemican Engineering Transactions can be downloaded from HERE.


Looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Thank you very much.

PRES2014 Presidents
Prof. J. Klemeš,
Prof. P. Stehlík

PRES2014 Vice-Presidents
Prof. J. Drahoš
Prof. F. Friedler
Prof. Sauro Pierucci
Prof. Panos Seferlis 


Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 November, CLICK HERE

Full Paper Submission Deadline:  28 February 2014, CLIK HERE


PRES 2014 is the seventeenth in the series. It was initiated by the late Professor Zdeněk Burianec in the framework of CHISA congresses. The events in the series are as follows:


1st    PRES 1998 Prague, CZ
2nd    PRES '99 Budapest, HU
3rd    PRES 2000 Prague, CZ
4th    PRES '01 Florence, IT
5th    PRES 2002 Prague, CZ
6th    PRES '03 Hamilton, Ontario, CA
7th    PRES 2004 Prague, CZ
8th    PRES '05 Taormina, Sicily, IT
9th    PRES 2006 Prague, CZ
10th    PRES '07 Ischia Island, Gulf of Naples
11th    PRES 2008 Prague, CZ
12th    PRES '09 Rome, IT
13th    PRES 2010 Prague, CZ
14th    PRES '11 Florence, Italy
15th    PRES 2012 Prague, Czech Republic
16th    PRES '13 Rhodes, Greece




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