Conference Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction

Invitation to PRES 2016 conference, 28-31 August 2016, Prague, Czech Republic


Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

It is our pleasure to announce that the world-leading conference PRES will be held in Prague in 2016, jointly with CHISA 2016.  The call for papers for the 19th Conference of Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction - PRES 2016 is now open. You and your research group are invited to participate in PRES’15.  The official call for papers has been distributed via email and is available from the flyer in PDF form. 


Due to the number of questions how to submit an abstract, the link for abstract submission is here:





The full text papers will be published in Chemical Engineering Transactions by AIDIC, provided that they successfully pass the peer review process and the formatting checks. The template for the full text papers is available from THIS LINK. Each accepted manuscript will be published only after receiving a signed copyright transfer form, the template for which can be downloaded from HERE.



15 April 2016, Full text submission
30 April 2016, Conference Registration and Fee Payment


Since the first venue of the PRES series organised in 1998 at Prague, Czech Republic, PRES conferences have also been organised in Budapest, Hungary, in Prague, Czech Republic, various places in Italy, in Hamilton, Canada, and Rhodes, Greece. In the year 2015, for the first time, PRES conference will be held in Asia – at Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

A very attractive part of PRES conferences is publication of selected papers in “Chemical Engineering Transactions” included in SCOPUS and ISI Thompson Reuters. A number of Special issues have been negotiated for post-conference publishing of extended manuscripts and they are listed in the conference flyer.


For scientific matters and proceedings please contact the Conference Secretariat at (both email ans SKYPE)

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions. 

Warm Regards

PRES 2016 Presidents
Prof. J. Klemeš,
Prof P. Stehlík,

PRES'15 Vice-Presidents

Prof. J. Drahoš
Prof. F. Friedler
Prof. Sauro Pierucci
Prof. Panos Seferlis
Dr. H.  L. Lam
Dr. Sharifah R. Wan Alwi,


Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 November 2014, CLICK HERE

Full Paper Submission Deadline:  28 February 2015, CLICK HERE

Early bird registration: 31 May 2015


PRES'15 is the eighteenth in the series. It was initiated by the late Professor Zdeněk Burianec in the framework of CHISA congresses. The events in the series are as follows:


1st  PRES 1998 Prague, CZ
2nd PRES '99 Budapest, HU
3rd  PRES 2000 Prague, CZ
4th PRES '01 Florence, IT
5th PRES 2002 Prague, CZ
6th PRES '03 Hamilton, Ontario, CA
7th PRES 2004 Prague, CZ
8th PRES '05 Taormina, Sicily, IT
9th  PRES 2006 Prague, CZ
10th PRES '07 Ischia Island, Gulf of Naples
11th PRES 2008 Prague, CZ
12th PRES '09 Rome, IT
13th PRES 2010 Prague, CZ
14th PRES '11 Florence, Italy
15th PRES 2012 Prague, Czech Republic
16th PRES '13 Rhodes, Greece
17th PRES 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
18th PRES'15 Kuching, Malaysia




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